There is a catch while dealing with international transactions and that is foreign exchange rates. The ideal transaction is when the effective or real rates are considered, however, the banks hide huge charges which the customer has to bear. ABN Travels and FOREX Pvt. Ltd. is associated with the service providers that save a large part of these charges. Thus, our reliable and hassle-free money transfer services makes us stand out. We have B2B alliance with world’s leading international money transfer service providers. To serve you better we have collaborated with renowned companies like Western Union, MoneyGram, Xpress Money and Transfast.


  • Receive Money in India
    Owing to our collaborations with various reputed agencies, we facilitate our clients with a number of different options through which they can receive money from abroad. In order to receive money in India, the receiver can get the money directly in bank account, pick up the cash from the agency or get it loaded on the prepaid card of the associated agency.With this service our NRI friends can send money to India, quickly and easily without a shadow of doubt.
  • Send Money from India
    If you send money from India to any other nation, that means, if you send money overseas, you are doing an outward remittance, which is a bit complicated process but, we at ABN Travels and FOREX Pvt. Ltd. strive to cut down these complications.Unlike other wired transfers, with our Money Transfer Online services and secure mechanisms you can send money online as quick as a click, to almost all the parts of the world. Be it for education, gifts, fee or any other purpose, with us it is always safe to send money abroad. Additionally, we also offer SWIFT transfer service which is a quick, easy and secure way of transferring money that assures complete safety, avoiding the possibility of money loss or theft compared to other common modes of fund remittance. Through this method the amount is credited into the account directly.


Domestic Money Transfer powered by IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)

We also specialize in domestic money transfer, as we are permitted to make electronic fund transfer/money transfer on behalf of our customers, enabling them make instant money transfers to bank account of any bank irrespective of the time and day. So, with this service our clients can proceed their domestic fund transfers and send money to a bank account in India even after the banking hours or on bank holidays.